Mobile home dumped in the middle of the street: Who’s responsible?

This mobile home was dumped and left on Myer Road in eastern El Paso County. Kurt Story - FOX21 News

On their way back home this weekend Jeremy Wheatley and his wife came across something unexpected.

“We saw something very large and as we got closer we saw it was a trailer and we thought ‘oh someone is moving into the neighborhood’,”said Jeremy a resident of eastern El Paso County.

As he and his wife approached the trailer they realized it wasn’t moving and had just been dumped right in front of their yard.

This happened Saturday afternoon on Myers Road south of Yoder. Jeremy was frustrated as any homeowner would be, and he said other folks in the area feel the same way.

“They don’t want it to be a habit or  for it to get any worse than it is, but this is pretty bad,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy says this is not the first time trash is dumped on his road. Unfortunately for Jeremy and his neighbors it’s up to them to get it out of the way.

“It may not be moved by the county because it is on a private road so it’s really not terribly different than if you had an abandoned car in the Walmart parking lot because it would become the responsibility of Walmart to remove it,” said Dave Rose, Chief Public Information Officer for El Paso County. 

Either way Jeremy wants the mobile home out and hopes the person responsible for dumping it here will be found.

According to El Paso County officials, dumping trash like this could lead to numerous citations.

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