Colorado Springs teen designs Avalanche goalie’s helmet

Justin Cox, 18, of Colorado Springs presents his mask design to Avalanche goalie JS Giguere. Courtesy - Colorado Avalanche

Hockey goalies’ masks are always unique, often custom-designed with intricate artwork.

Now, one Colorado Springs teen is able to see his artwork splashed across the helmet of his hockey idol.

“Why not us?” is the motto for the Av’s impressive run to the playoffs, and also the inspiration 18-year-old Justin Cox needed to inject his passion into the team’s play.

Justin entered the “Design My Mask” contest put on by the Avalanche and Goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere and out of all the competitors, he made it to the final 10 and then won the fan’s favorite vote to take the competition.

Justin got to present the mask to J.S. Giguere or “Jiggy” before Sunday’s game.

“It’s good to see that a young kid in high school is interested in something like that, that he has a passion about something,” Giguere said.

“That his passion is leading up to something, well that’s pretty cool for him.,” he added.

Justin got to watch Jiggy practice Sunday, wearing his artwork. It was a proud moment not only to see his design put to use, but to see his idol on the ice. He’s been a big fan of Giguere since his time playing for the Anaheim Ducks.

Now, Jiggy says the passion that drove Justin to win this competition inspires him.

“It’s a very pretty design; it really represents Colorado and Denver well, but I am just happy that he was able to come out to be the winner. You could tell how proud he was of his mask, and his design, and maybe that’s something he’s going to use in the future,” Giguere said. 

And that’s exactly what Justin plans to do.

The high school senior was accepted into Colorado State University’s graphic design program starting in the fall.

Now he has this mask as an impressive addition to his resume.

“Hopefully it is going to give him some motivation to keep going in that field when he gets older,” Giguere said.

Why not have that motivation? For Giguere, the Avalanche, and now Justin Cox it all comes down to “Why not us?”

“If you really believe and you work hard toward a goal, I don’t see why anybody could stop you,” Giguere said.

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