8-year-old girl has a life experience she ‘otter’ never forget

One of the otter pups FOX21 News

It was a dream come true for a little 8-year-old girl at the Pueblo Zoo, who got to do more than just watch the otters from behind the glass.

For Addison, ‘amazing’ doesn’t even begin to describe her playful otter experience.

“It was really amazing,” Addison exclaimed. “They’re my favorite animal and I never thought I would be able to do it.”

Not only did the eight year old get to hide food for these little swimmers, but she also got the opportunity to be a part of something special at the Pueblo Zoo.

“We’re doing wellness checks on them. We’re doing weights and checking teeth and nails and ears and everything,” said Melanie Pococke, the Primary Keeper of the Otters at the Pueblo Zoo.

Addison got to be an otter pup nurse for the day and help take care of the zoo’s newest addition to the animal kingdom.

“This is our first time having otter pups and we’re all super excited about them,” Melanie said.

Ultimately, it’s an experience both the zoo staff and Addison “otter” never forget.

“It was really a lot of fun and I’ve been waiting all week,” Addison said.

“Seeing other people get to hold them and to experience them-it’s incredible,” Melanie finished off by saying.

Addison also received a photo CD, wellness certificate and a premium adoption package to go along with her experience.

The otter experience at the Pueblo Zoo is to help raise money for otter conservation.


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