$10 prom dress sale benefits Colorado Springs teen shelter

Here's Deanna and Angela organizing the donated prom dresses. FOX21'S Mike Duran

Prom can be expensive, and for some teens who can’t afford it going to the dance is not an option.

This year, the “$10 Prom Dress Sale” is meant to help young adults left out on the streets now living at the Urban Peak Homeless Shelter for teens in Colorado Springs. Two local radio stations ( My 99.9 and 96.1 The Beat) are working with the Beauty Bar to make this event possible. 

“All the money that we raise does go back into Urban Peak,” said Angela Cortez with 96.1 The Beat. “They’ll be able to get clothes and supplies like deordorant and shampoo and food for the kids.”

When Andrea and the rest of the team at the Urban Peak shelter heard the news they could not believe it!

“Oh it’s wonderful! Especially since some of our kids would have never have had that opportunity,” said Andrea Thomson with the Urban Peak Teen Shelter. “Even the whole thing of going to prom and just being the same as every one else, and that’s key for our youth,” 

Andrea said they are so thankful the community has come together and is making the dream of prom a reality for the girls at the shelter.

As far as the dresses go there’s something for everyone. They’ve collected short dresses, long dresses, modern dresses, and even some vintage ones.

“We’ve actually gotten a wedding dress in, so we have a variety that are just beautiful dresses,” said Cortez.

So far about 300 dresses have been donated, but there’s always room for more.

“So if you have dresses that are just hanging there, neglected, you’re never going to wear them again, whether it was a bridesmaids dress or a dress for that special occassion, if you want to donate it you can drop it off here at the station or at Beauty Bar downtown,” said Deanna Regaldo with My 99.9.

The deadline to donate the dresses is this Thursday. The $10 Prom Dress Sale is this Saturday, April 12 and will be held at the Beauty Bar in downtown Colorado Springs.

For more information on the event click here.

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