Choosing a tax-prepping software

There’s a few different tax-prepping softwares meant to help you file your taxes on your own. Although they are made to be used by the average Joe, Debbie Miller, President of Phases Accounting & Tax Service, said you should be careful when flying solo.

“They’re all really good if you have a very simple tax return and you’re good at numbers. So if you have trouble transposing numbers meaning if it’s 1234 and you might put in 1324, that’s going to cause you problems,” said Miller.

Turbo Tax is the leading online tax software according to online reviews. Miller agrees it’s user friendly and a good way to go.

The only downside to Turbo Tax, according to online reviews, is you can’t get one-on-one asstance like other programs. Miller says if you do go out looking for help, be sure you go to a professional.

“I would say you’re better off doing them yourself than going to the big box stores, mostly because the people that work there have had like 8 weeks of training and they’re going to charge more than a proffessional like me who’s been in the business since 1987,” said Miller.

Another commonly used software, Tax Act, is cheaper than most others. Online reviews say this is great for consumers. The only downfall? There’s no telephone customer support.

Miller says despite all the pros and cons they’re all meant to make you’re life a lot easier.

“Most softwares don’t have mathmatical errors. It’s usually garbage in garbage out. If you didn’t put the number in correctly then it’s not going to calculate it correctly,” said Miller.

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