2-week-old infant rescued from Pueblo train tracks

The tracks where the baby was found Mike Duran - FOX21 News

A 2-week old baby who was left on train tracks was rescued Friday afternoon, according to Pueblo police. 

The infant was found on the railroad tracks near the area of 29th Street and Lowell Avenue on the city’s north side.

Officers were first called to the scene at about 2:15 Friday afternoon. It was reported that a woman with a baby was on the tracks in the area.

Eduardo Fontes, a junior in high school told FOX21 News he saw the woman put the baby near the tracks right by a train. Trains in the area were stopped in both directions.

The woman then ran away and Fontes said he ran to the nearest car to alert them about the baby.

“I see her put the baby down a couple feet away from the train and I thought the train could start at any moment,” Fontes said. “I tried catching what she was doing, and thought…hey woman, I could pass the baby to you.. And she just kept running and would not stop.”

WATCH: Raw interview of witness who saw the woman leave the baby on the tracks 

City workers immediately rescued the baby from the tracks. The baby girl appeared to be okay, police said. She was taken to a local hospital for further examination.

“Everyone gets their time to be a hero,” Fontes said. “I was at the right time at the right place (sic).”

When officers arrived on the scene, a group of citizens had the woman who ran away in custody. She was identified as 31-year-old Jessica Sloan. She was taken into custody for questioning and evaluation. Police said she was incoherent.

Sloan, police said, had several local municipal warrants and a $500 Failure to Appear warrant for Theft.

Investigation continues into this incident.

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