Remember, feeding wildlife is illegal in Colorado!

Living in Colorado, it’s pretty common for folks to come across wildlife and want to give them food. However, giving these guys a bite to eat is actually putting yourself and the animals at risk.

“People who feed wildlife, they may have the best intentions, but they’re actually doing a lot more harm than good,” said Abbie Walls with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Not to mention, it’s illegal to feed big game animals in Colorado-like deer, elk and even bears.

“They get accustomed to that kind of food. They get accustomed to being around humans and lose their fear. They’re also, then, put into dangerous situations where they’re around more people, around vehicles, and they’re just putting themselves in danger.”

So Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding people that the best way to help hungry animals is let them find their next meal on their own.

“Wildlife is wild and I think sometimes people forget that. They look gentle and amazing and it’s great to be able to see them up close, but you’re also putting yourself at risk. It’s on the people to find ways to co-exist with them and take responsibility and take actions so we can both live together in harmony.”

According to Abbie, it’s typically a $70 fine if a person is caught feeding the wild animals. If you see someone feeding wildlife, call a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer at 227-5200.


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