FOX21’s Justin Chambers at the Super Bowl: Day 1

<p>FOX21's Justin Chambers</p>

After the alarm kicks on at 2:42 am, I instantly hit snooze. Then, I quickly realize “wait, this is the Super Bowl! I gotta get moving!”

Shower. Shave. Coffee. Car ride to Denver airport. My trusty sidekick in this adventure is one, Kurt Story. The bow-tied photojournalist for FOX21 News.

We get on the plane with no problems amidst lots of cheers like “bring us back a victory!” In some way, it makes me feel good to be supporting the team. While I won’t go all “Willie Joe Namath” on you, I CAN guarantee that there will be lots of east coast food consumed.

I will guarantee that Bow Tie and I will bring the best behind the scenes look at Super Bowl week for the Broncos and FOX21 News!

We land in Queens and get in the car to Manhattan. A brief stop to get our media tags and it’s off to a local pizzeria that apparently Oprah and Gayle rave about.

Then it’s on to Times Square…where the future is so bright you gotta wear…sorry. 80s reference.

Live shots at 6:30 and 9 pm. That’s Colorado time mind you. So, it made for a long, yet fun day.

Media day and all of its craziness is tomorrow. See you on TV!

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