Die-hard Broncos fans create ‘fan cave’ in their basement

Mike Duran - FOX21

Die-hard Broncos fans are anxiously awaiting the Super Bowl.

One couple’s “fan cave” is decked out, wall to wall, with the mile high team.

Gary and Susan Peterson have pulled out years worth of memorabilia for the big game with hopes it will bring luck to their team.

FOX21 caught up with the couple to see their collection, and talk all things Broncos.

“I went to my first game when I was eight-years-old,” Gary Peterson said.

“I have been a die-hard fan probably since the late 90’s,” Susan Peterson said.

The Petersons have devoted an entire room in their home to the Broncos, complete with a life-size Champ Bailey.

“Years of collecting and my wife and I once and awhile will see something at a store or garage sale and say ‘Hey that would go great in the Bronco room,” Gary said.

“The mosaic that our son made is definitely the best thing in here I think,” Susan said.

Supporting the mile high team is an easy decision for the pair, who spent their first date at Broncos training camp.

“We watch it together, we do not miss games on Sundays or Mondays or Thursdays,” Gary said. “We do not miss games.”

“The wins help, so yeah it just bonds us,” Susan said.

Looking back at the team’s past Super Bowl wins is a favorite for Gary and Susan who, like many, still remember how it felt to win.

“I remember Susan telling me that her dad was doing belly flops on the ground, he was so happy,” Gary said.

As for predictions the Peterson’s are a little superstitious, not placing any points but instead crossing their fingers for a win.

“Sunday Seattle is going down, that is all I am going to say,” Gary said.

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