Welcome Home: 250 soldiers return from deployment

A family takes pictures at the homecoming ceremony Monday. "Kurt Story-FOX21 News"

An exciting Monday at Fort Carson.

The Mountain Post welcomed home about 250 soldiers from a nine month deployment overseas.

The troops deployed in February to Kuwait to help with security cooperation, joint exercises and training.

The men and women are with the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.

“The last time I saw them was January 28 when they came to see me at the ceremony we had before we left,” Sgt. Rafael Vazquez said. “My heart wanted to come out of my mouth, it was nice.”

“This is really a special moment for me, I am really happy and excited that my son is home,” Denise Vazquez said.

Sgt. Vazquez’s family traveled from San Antonio, TX to be with him.

His sister a last minute surprise.

“I did not know my sister was going to be here, she told me she could not make it,” Sgt. Vazquez said.

“A protective big sister, I am very proud,” Vanessa Vazquez said. “I have seen him come a long way and have enjoyed watching his journey and growth.”

Senator Michael Bennet was also in attendance. He took time out of his statewide tour to thank the soldiers and their families.

“It makes you just understand how profound the sacrifice is that these families have made to keep out country safe,” Sen. Bennet said. “It is important that we honor them.”

As the soldiers prepare to settle into life back at home, their families look forward to the time ahead.

“Going to dinner and talking, lots of special moments,” Denise Vazquez said.

“I am proud of all the soldiers and just so happy they all came home,” Vanessa Vazquez said.

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