A superhero helps kids become their own heroes

"Omega Man" lifting Bear Creek Elementary students. FOX21: Mike Byrum

What would you do if you could put away all of your bad decicions?

That was the opportunity “Omega Man” gave to Bear Creek Elementary Students Monday.

Omega Man is a self-empowerment speaker. In fact, he’s the number 1 student empowerment speaker in the country right now.

Bear Creek’s PTO paid to bring Omega Man to school, not to work behind the scenes like your typical superhero, but to spread a message on how he overcame the villans in his life.

He showed kids how to be an H-E-R-O hero, which stands for Helping Everyone Respect Others.

“When I was a kid, I was bullied. I know the impact of what bullying can do in a kid’s life. I had suicidal thoughts, my grades dropped I had no self confidence,” Marc Wilkes, a.k.a “Omega Man” said.

That’s when he made a decision he now spreads to students: to not let bullying take their drive or turn them down a bad path.

“I challenge the kids to be a dream maker, let’s make good choices, but don’t be a dream breaker, which means making the bad choices,” Wilkes explained.

Omega Man puts on a show with feats of strength, but it’s the analogies he pairs with the feats that keep kid’s interest.

For example, a phone book that becomes “The Book of Bad Choices.” It comes along with a message that you can be your worst enemy or greatest advocate.

Then, Marc rips the book clean in half, only when he has enough encouragement in the form of cheers from his new supporters.

“The book represents your past. You can’t change what you did yesterday! But I challenge you, let’s start being dream makers, let’s start making the right choices from today on,” he said.

It’s all for a purpose: to stop the domino effect of bullying. His message seemed to be getting through at Bear Creek.

“It kinda inspired me not to bully anyone else even though I got bullied and don’t make anyone else feel mad or sad,” Lindsee, a fifth grader said.

Omega Man’s already heard of success at school’s he’s visited in the past.

“I hear from parents, teachers the school saying the attitude there changes. They say, ‘We’re seeing less bullying, we’re seeing less kids making wrong choices’,” he explained.

To learn more about Omega Man and his message, visit http://omegamanschools.com/index.htm.

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