Vintage baseball game a hit at Rock Ledge Ranch

FOX21: Kurt Story

A Southern Colorado summer tradition, Monday marked the annual vintage baseball game at the historic Rock Ledge Ranch.

The teams are celebrating Colorado’s athletic history, playing by the centuries-old rules that once were enforced.

In the beginnings of baseball, players didn’t wear gloves, balls could be caught on after a bounce to make the out and the uniforms included bowties! The crowd could get in on the action too. Fans are called “cranks” and can catch fly balls to make an out, or yell at the umpire to sway his calls.

Labor Day 2013 brought the crowd back to September 1, 1880. During this game, a woman was permitted to play the “gentleman’s sport” by Presidential decree as rivals the Denver Rio Grande and the Camp Creek Cloud Busters faced off in the throwback tradition.

See the game for yourself as a spectator and hear what pinch-hitter Honest Abe had to say by clicking here or on the video above. 

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