Cleaning Manitou Springs businesses back into shape

Flooding in Manitou Springs FOX21 News File Photo

Angie Findley just moved her business, “Stick ‘Em Up” into a new shop on Manitou Avenue three weeks ago.

Then came the flood waters.

She said they were only able to recover a dozen of her 1,800 items, damages reaching nearly $70,000.

“We had to charge through the mud to even get this out, I’m not looking forward to starting over,” she said.

Luckily she’s had volunteers drop in, bringing food and water, even a pressure washer to speed up their cleaning.

“They come up and say can we help you? They stayed hours last night and came back today,” she said.

Findley said money has been tough. She and her husband haven’t been taking vacations or eating out, and after meeting her online sales goal they had just decided they were okay with money and inventory enough to fix one of their stamp presses. While she says it’s not all about money, it still carries a big impact.

“I feel selfish because people died and are hurt,” she said, with tears in her eyes.

She’s got volunteers to help, but passersby on Manitou Avenue have told her to trash it all; she said they called her inventory “junk.”

“Curious people are taking photographs. But this is our life. The ones saying we should throw it all away, well, it’s not trash to us, even if it is to other people,” she explained.

She’s been through this before, and was able to wash all her products, so she’s able to keep her head up. But the pressure washing only goes so far. They’re hoping to find access to an industrial sized washing machine so she can get her business back up and running.

“It’s a lot of work,” she continued through sniffles, “but I always rise to the challenge.”


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