Bear stuck in Colorado Springs neighborhood tree

via Point of View Apartments

A bit of a scary scene on the east side of town as a bear is stuck in a neighborhood tree.

The Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife was attempting to remove a bear from the tree on Stovel Circle, just northeast of Pikes Peak Avenue and Murray Boulevard. The bear is extremely high up in the tree and was not able to be removed on Monday.

According to officials on scene, the bear has been once, meaning it’s already gone into and been caught in populated areas.

In the last week, the same bear was scene on Jet Wing Circle (near Fountain Boulevard and Murray Boulevard) and Bonnie Court (near Airport Road and Murray Bouelvard.)

The bear was reported to have acted aggressively on Sunday night when it was on Airport Road, officials said.

“We’ve got reports from the last two nights that this bear has started to show signs of aggression towards people,” a Department of Parks and Wildlife official said.

Because the bear is so high up, officials said they will have to wait until it comes down before taking custody of it. It came down sometime overnight and traveled down Pikes Peak to the area near Academy.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife usually operates on a ‘two-strike rule.’ This bear has already been tagged once so it could now be put down.

Where bear was located 

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