All missing people from Friday’s flood in Manitou Springs located

Manitou Springs flooding from 2013 Donavan Kennedy - Viewer File Photo

The final person who was considered missing from Friday evening’s flood in Mantiou Springs has been located, according to officials.

Officials announced during a Monday press conference that the woman was found after her neighbor recognized her description.

The woman asked officials to not release any more information. She was only described as a petite blonde woman who was wearing a black shirt and tan pants last seen near the creek hanging from a tree.

At least three people had been reported missing from Friday’s flood. All three were found, officials said.

A 53-year-old Teller County man was killed during the flood. He was identified as 53-year-old John Collins of Teller County, the Sheriff’s Office announced Saturday afternoon. Officials said his vehicle was found in the general area. It is not known if he left his vehicle by choice or if debris forced him out.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said the cause of Collins’ death is believed to have been drowning.

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