New Amtrak train tested in Pueblo

The new Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64) electric locomotives are being tested in Southern Colorado.

“It’s been a very boring set of tests,” said Federal Railroad Administrator Joseph Szabo. “And boring is good because that means there have been no significant issues to resolve to date.”

Amtrak selected Siemens to design and manufacture 70 next-generation, electric locomotives.

“What’s great about the technology in this locomotive is that it addresses many different areas,” said Siemens Railroad Administrator Michael Cahill. “It addresses reliability, it addresses safety, it addresses performance and efficiency.”

“When you slow down the train, and the potential energy becomes the kinetic energy, it’s going back into the power grid,” explained Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman. “We’re going to save 3 billion kilowatts over the life of this, and three-hundred million dollars.”

One in seven Americans live along the Northeast corridor, and demand for passenger rail service continues to grow. Meaning the reliability of these engines is paramount.

“I got 25 to 35 year old equipment,” Joe Boardman. “Some of it DC, some of it AC, it’s got 3.5 million miles on it. You only need to look at this to understand the capabilities of what it’s gonna do for us.”

But just because it’s being tested in Southern Colorado doesn’t mean all aboard for us who live here.

“The only corridor today that Amtrak operates that is electrified is from Boston to New York,” explained Joseph Szabo. “Then New York down to Washington DC.”

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