Black Forest residents continue to rebuild despite flash flood risks

Last year's Black Forest Fire Courtesy Alexander Field

The risk of flash flooding is always around the corner, especially in the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest burn areas.

However, residents in Black Forest aren’t letting that distract them from picking up the pieces.

For Kent Osborne, the thought of flooding is nothing compared to the memory of losing his home in one of Colorado’s most devastating wildfires.

Despite losing everything, Kent is determined to rebuild.

“There’s a lot of wood that needs to be chopped up,” Kent said. “A lot of stuff to be cleaned up after the fire and after the tractors and everything else that has been out here. We have a lot of work to do still.”

Kent’s home once stood right in the heart of the burn scar at Shoup Rd. and Holmes. The retired soldier says flash flood concerns aren’t too big of a problem. In fact, he’s pretty happy to see some clouds roll in.

“Well, I’m not too worried about it. The way our land sits, it’s not on too much of a slope that we’re going to have enough problems with the flash flooding. Plus, it’s cooler to work like this than it is to work in the heat and the sun.”

So rain or shine, like many Black Forest residents that lost their homes, Kent is continuing to pick up the pieces until he and his wife can one day go back, to what was once called their home.

“We plan on rebuilding because this is our retirement place, and we’re looking forward to living in the beauty of Black Forest coming back.”

Ulitmately, the optimistic homeowner says the insurance will take care of the house, but as for the rest of the mess, it needs to be cleaned up in order to move forward.

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