Aurora theater victims ‘pay it forward’ through community fundraiser

Survivors of the Aurora theater shooting, Caleb and Katie Medley have come a long way since that tragic night where their lives were changed forever.

According to Amanda Reel, cousin of Katie Medley, Caleb needed a lot of blood a year ago. She says a unit of blood can save a life, if not many more lives.

Now the Medleys are paying it forward to those victims of the Black Forest Fire with a community fundraiser at Florence High School. They’re also recognizing the love, support, and generous donations they’ve received over the past year.

Mark Crespin, a volunteer and coordinator of the “Pay It Forward” event says this event that the Medley’s are doing is another way of saying “thank you” to all of the supporters that they’ve had over the last year.

The giving back event, featuring a blood drive and a variety of entertainment, brought together all walks of life, from neighbors, friends, and even strangers all across Colorado.

Both Mark and Amanda agree that the fundraiser is just a small token of the Medleys’ appreciation to those who’ve impacted their lives as a whole.

“You know, it would be much easier for them to fall to the victim role, which they have every right to, but instead of allowing themselves to do that, this is their way of giving back.”

Although the Medleys were not able to speak with us about the cause, the message was quite clear … It’s not hard to go out and lend a helping hand.


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