Downtown businesses pampering moms

It’s been said nothing is stronger than a mother’s love, and this Mother’s Day, Colorado Springs businesses are showed some love to all the moms in their community.

“We have to treat them with as much love and care as we can,” Kaylynn Knull explained while massaging a stranger, “even if it’s someone else’s mom… why not!”

Kaylynn and some peers from the Colorado Instate of Massage Therapy set up shop on Poor Richard’s patio. They gave free massages to any mom that walked through the door.

“We’re just giving them a little relaxation and a nice afternoon in the sunshine,” she said. “I think the specialness is needed on this day. They’re wonderful women.”

Whether it’s a sore diaper bag shoulder from her toddler, or a stressed neck from her college kid, the moms visiting these trainees got all their kinks worked out.

For the mom with an eye for fashion, she got her fix at Terra Verde’s annual Mother’s Day celebration complete with cupcakes and champagne.

“Chocolate, champagne, jewelry, bags! It’s everything a woman wants!” S

heryl Francis-Simone, a mother of six exclaimed.

The shop turned their celebration into a family day, complete with a photobooth to snap funny shots with their mother and grandmother.

The family environment made the extra day of work worthwhile for mother and owner, Chris Sondermann.

“I really enjoy that several generations will come in, grandma, the daughter and granddaughter, so that’s always fun because they each respond to the store in a different way!” Sondermann said.

Even though it’s not their mothers, these businesses made sure to celebrate every mother they encountered.

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