Sheriff Maketa holds town hall to discuss gun laws

Town hall meeting with Sheriff Maketa

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa and County Commissioner Peggy Littleton held a town hall meeting Thursday night to answer questions about gun legislation making its way through the legislature.

Wednesday House Bill 1224 passed and will be sent to Governor Hickenlooper who has said he would sign it.

House Bill 1224 would limit magazines to 15 rounds.

The bill is just one of several that concerns Maketa. Others include Senate Bill 197, House Bill 1229, House Bill 1228, and Senate Bill 195. Dozens in attendance said they shared his concerns.

“I’m concerned about them passing any of them because they have a tendency to want to extend beyond where they ought to be going,” Jerry Kruse said. “I mean there’s no reason to have extended background checks. There’s no reason you can’t give your guns to your children or your grandchildren for that matter,” Kruse added.

Thursday’s town hall was packed with many who were there to show their support for Maketa and his strong stance against the proposed legislation. Maketa received several standing ovations.

Maketa encouraged those in attendance to contact the governor and ask him to protect their second amendment rights.

“Stop sitting around. Don’t give up. He said in there pretty good, they win because we quit. Don’t quit. Stand up for what the Lord gave us in this country,” Alex Toth said.

The entire town hall was recorded and can be found on El Paso County’s website.

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