Renovations to the Pueblo Riverwalk

The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP) is about to begin a 44 million dollar renovation.

“We want to create an experience, you know a very positive, pleasant, very hospitable experience for our visitors,” said Jim Munch of HARP. ” And we believe a smaller town we can create that more personalized experience where people really feel like they’re part of the Pueblo community.

The $44 million came from the Regional Tourism Application grant. That money will be used to develop a hotel, PBR center and aquatic center.

“It takes some of the focus from northern Colorado and brings it down here to southern Colorado,” said Munch. “We do have a lot to offer down here.”

It’s a plan that will take many years and decades to develop, but the money received is a boost in the arm for officials.

“What the RTA did was allow us to take a quantum leap to leap from where we are… the next level,” said Munch.

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