Dragonman’s wife killed in freak explosion

Mel Bernstein - the "Dragonman" FOX21: Mike Duran

The owner of a shooting range in El Paso County east of Colorado Springs said his wife was the one who died Thursday night in a strange accident.

Dragonman’s owner Mel Bernstein, who is better known as the “Dragonman” himself, said his wife Terri was hit by a smoke bomb device that went off like a rocket unexpectedly.

The range was being used to film a national TV show. The scene the crew was filming Thursday night was the last 30 seconds of the show after a week of 8-9 hour days.

The scene involved cast members walking through smoke with guns in the air. Bernstein said one of the “smoke bombs” shot off like a rocket, going right through Terri’s chest.

The 51-year-old woman died instantly.

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Death at Dragonman’s 

Bernstein said he felt the rocket whiz within four inches of him before turning to see his wife fall to the ground.

Dragonman’s is a shooting range, paintball park and museum near Highway 94 and Curtis Road. On Wednesday, a woman was burned during the filming, though she was quickly treated and released from a hospital.

El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the incident.

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