Hypnosis: does it work?

FOX21's Abbie Burke tries out hypnosis to find out if it really works. FOX21: Mike Duran

When you think you’ve tried everything to lose weight or quit smoking, there may be another option: hypnosis.

I personally have tried a lot of fad diets and various workout programs over the years. Some have been successful, others have not.

I have always wondered about hypnosis, so I decided to find out more about it. I went to see local hypnotist and author Chris Halbohm, and I brought along our cameras.

Before my first hypnosis session Halbohm and I met to discuss my goals. We also talked about what I’ve tried in the past and what some of my personality traits are.

At my next session it was time to take the plunge and actually go into hypnosis.

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First Halbohm walked me through how to relax, something I have struggled with my whole life.

“Hypnosis is a clinical thing. It is something where we’re bringing you to relaxation. You’re learning like a kid learns. Everything is slow, it’s easier,” Halbohm said.

Following that portion I then listened to an audio CD, which contained suggestions on how to lose weight.

The entire process was very relaxing and felt as though I was drifting in and out of sleep.

“When you’re driving a car and daydream a little bit and miss a turn that’s just what hypnosis feels like. It’s very normal and it’s very natural,” Halbohm said.

Jessica Bair, one of Halbohm’s clients, has used hypnosis to help her several times in her life.

“I definitely believe in the power of the mind and it’s ability to overcome negative ways of thinking, and to choose positive ways of thinking,” Bair said.

Bair added recently she has been seeing Halbohm for anxiety and stress.

“Prior to really working with Chris as much as I wanted to believe myself to be flexible and positive and gracious, and I think people would say that about me, in the past I was not that way with myself especially and my family would probably say not with them either,” Bair said.

After working with Halbohm for four months Bair said she is seeing results.

“Now I feel like there are times where I worry less about how things are gonna happen. I don’t need to know what’s going to happen next. I can be flexible and I can be easygoing and that’s all gonna work out,” she said.

Halbohm admitted that people under hypnosis can be made to do things against their will, but in a clinical setting that’s not the case.

“We give you the suggestion that you will only accept the suggestions that are useful and beneficial for your learning,” he said.

Halbohm said he has used hypnosis to help people lose weight, quit smoking, even improve their golf game.

He said he has helped people lose hundreds of pounds without making them follow strict diets or exercise plans.

“People who are watching this probably know that eating chocolate cake is worse than celery or vegetables or whatever, but it’s not like you don’t know what to do, it’s just making it easier and more on the fly agreeable, natural,” Halbohm said.

So why does it work?

“When people come here they’re actually getting support and to me I think that’s the biggest thing. That’s the way I approach it. I can’t speak for any other hypnotist, but the way I approach it is when somebody cares it goes a long way. When somebody actually has their vested interest at heart that goes a long way,” Halbohm said.

So what about me?

After going through hypnosis Halbohm and I sat down to talk about what happened.

I was also given a CD to listen to at home, scheduled an appointment for the following week and the rest was up to me.

I have been seeing Halbohm once a week and since my first session four weeks ago I have lost five pounds.

I’ve also completely given up soda and have noticed a major reduction in stress.

If you’re wondering if hypnosis can work for you Halbohm said there are only three types of people that can’t be hypnotized. He said they are someone with a lower IQ, someone who is trying to prove they can’t be hypnotized, and someone who is drunk.

“Aside from those if you’re willing to pay attention, if you’re willing to listen and learn, then it’s a good, you can do it,” he said.

To learn more, watch the full interview with Chris Halbohm here. 

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