Video: Masked men rob store

Video from the Walgreens in Falcon shows the suspect in action. FOX21: File Photo

Southern Colorado Law Enforcement is asking for your help identifying several suspects who robbed two Walgreens over the weekend.

The first happened Saturday morning at the store near Constitution Avenue and Powers Boulevard.

Then, a few hours later, a second Walgreens was robbed on Mclaughlin Road in Falcon.

“The person that was inside the store was armed with a small, black semi-automatic type handgun,” Sgt. Mike Schaller with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said. “The second suspect had an unknown weapon.”

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Schaller said the suspects involved in the Falcon robbery should be considered armed and dangerous.

“We are asking the public to look at the video, to look at the pictures, and see if there is anything that could give them an idea as to who possibly committed the crimes,” Schaller said.

Residents in Falcon are also concerned by the blatant robbery.

“It definitely scares me,” Walgreens shopper Heather Murphy said.

Meanwhile Colorado Springs Police officers are looking for the man who robbed the Walgreens on Constitution Saturday morning.

He too was armed with a handgun.

At this time, investigators have not said if the two are connected, although in both cases, the robbers took prescription drugs.

Anyone with information is asked to call police, the sheriff’s office or Crime Stoppers.

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