Thieves target Monument neighborhood

Multiple cars and homes in the Jackson Creek neighborhood in Monument were burglarized early Sunday morning. FOX21: Kelly Werthmann

Police officers are investigating a string of burglaries that took place in a Monument neighborhood early Sunday morning.

Officers with the Monument Police Department said several cars and multiple homes in the Jackson Creek subdivision near Baptist Road were broken into overnight.

“Our cars had been broken into,” an anonymous victim of the burglaries said. “They got into the cars in our driveway and in our garage.”

The victim said he did not hear anything, and his two dogs did not hear the burglars either, which surprised him since the burglars went inside his home.

“I think that is the part that is more troubling,” he said. “They were willing to enter the house knowing that someone is home.”

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He said at least $80 was stolen from a wallet on a counter among other items taken from his vehicles. Though shocked, he said it is not the first time his property has been stolen.

“About two and a half years ago I left a laptop in my car and it got stolen,” he said. “It’s scary. It makes you think twice about how you lock things up at night.”

Officers said that is exactly what residents need to learn from the recent burglary spree. Authorities are reminding residents to make sure all home and vehicle doors are locked at night.

No suspects have been identified. An investigation is ongoing.

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