Springs police name third murder suspect

Miguel Moran Courtesy: Colorado Springs Police Department

Colorado Springs Police officers have identified a third suspect in a kidnapping and murder case from Jan. 9.

Officers are looking for 20-year-old Miguel Moran, who is wanted on charges of accessory to first degree murder.

According to officers, Moran allegedly assisted at least two other men in kidnapping 21-year-old Jeremy Naranjo from Pueblo, killing him and dumping his body on the side of a Colorado Springs street.

The next day, officers pulled over and arrested 26-year-old Xavier Rubalcaba-Lopez for unrelated charges including providing false information to them and being a previously-deported felon from Mexico.

On Jan. 17, officers from both the Colorado Springs and Pueblo Police Departments arrested 44-year-old Alfredo Velazquez at his Pueblo home for first degree murder in connection with Naranjo’s death. On Jan. 18, officers added a first degree murder charge to Lopez for his involvement as well.

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Moran is a 5’10” Hispanic man who weighs about 220 pounds and has the nickname ‘Gordo.’ Officers said he spends time in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

According to officers, the kidnapping was the result of a drug deal gone bad. They said Naranjo had dealings with at least one of the suspects in the past.

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